Welcome to Learning with iPads – the educational site for using iPads in teaching and learning.

The site has been created to help educational professionals browse, review and access apps for use in their teaching and learning. We appreciate that browsing for educational apps in Apple’s App Store can sometimes be a time-consuimg experience, and we hope this site offers teachers, parents and pupils a friendly, informative option to enable you to get the most from your iPads.

Why use iPad in school?

We can’t claim that introduction of iPad will directly raise attainment, yet it is clear there is great appetite for clever, thoughtful use of innovative technology in the classroom, particularly regarding mobile and personal learning.

Hackney schools report  improved attention span and focus in pupils, increased engagement in class activities, and feel more confident initiating a whole host of  inspiring, creative projects with their classes than they did with previous technologies, predominantly film and animation tasks.

Here are a few reasons for considering iPad:

  • Build quality, robustness and battery life are all notable highlights, with no signs of wear and tear or performance decrease, and most schools opt for the entry-level iPad with Retina display or original iPad mini
  • Outstanding app and accessory eco-system. iTunes, iTunes U and the app store are a goldmine for free and relatively inexpensive apps, books, lesson material and though-provoking content
  • Our users find that through the use of a limited number of carefully selected apps, pupils are able to select the type of learning and interaction that best suits their needs
  • The iPad is designed as a personal device but our expertise has enabled the implementation and management of whole class sets and small groups to suit school budgets. This approach balances sound investment with a careful, planned introduction of aspirational anywhere, anytime learning devices.
  • The touch interface correlates to the technology students use in their everyday life, providing instant familiarity, high levels of interactivity and increasing confidence with new classroom technology
  • A 10-hour battery life means the iPad can be used throughout the entire school day without the need to recharge
  • Instant start-up of iPad means greater use of class time for teaching and learning
  • Light and portable; easily carried to and from classrooms
  • Bulky, expensive text and reference books could, in time, be replaced by virtual eBooks, which can be updated with new content at the press of a button
  • Productivity apps such as Showbie allow seamless sharing of documents in class, and introduce a convenient platform for teacher feedback. Submitted work can be annotated and commented on by multiple students and teachers to support peer-assessment
  • iPad is an intuitive device, and a tailored, structured implementation removes the need for daily maintenance
  • A vast choice of suppliers for peripheral equipment, with most producing high-quality products to match Apple’s brand status. From covers to cases with built-in keyboards, store/charge trolleys and the ability to mirror the screen to IWBs, share files and print wirelessly, Apple technology leads the way.
  • Inclusion of Apple’s invaluable Accessibility features makes the iOS a must-have technology for SEN, Early Years or as a time-saving way to simplify frequently undertaken tasks.